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After School Program


We have just completed our first school year of homework club.  We ended with 12 second, third, and fourth grade students enjoying an ice cream sundae buffet!

This was the first outreach program of this kind at St. John.  Looking back over the year, we feel it has been a very worthwhile and rewarding program for everyone involved.

We have 20 church members volunteer as tutors over the course of the year.  Many returned often to help on Wednesday afternoons.  In addition we received several monetary donations to purchase materials.  Still other members helped by donating snacks, games, and puzzles which the children enjoyed.  With your help, Homework Club was a very successful program.  A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!

After hearing from classroom teachers at Illini School, we know the children benefited from Homework Club.  One teachers remarked that Thursday was the only day she knew homework would be completed because the student went to Homework Club on Wednesday.  Several teachers asked us to work on specific skills that students were having difficulty mastering.  Parents often told us how appreciative they were that their children were receiving this extra support.

The children enjoyed the program as well.  Not only did they get help with homework, but we played games both inside and outside—soccer, football, checkers, and Memory to name of few.  We sang songs, created works of art, and spent time talking and listening.

Here are a few comments from several children about their experiences at Homework Club:  Ethan said. “I am a better reader now.  The teachers are smart and I like the church.  Other should come.”  Krysta said, “I liked being in small groups and only having second, third, and fourth graders.”  Darius said “Miss Cami helped me read.  I like the Bible.”  Talisa said, “Homework Club helped me read and be a good person.  When I grow up I can help others.”  Tyler said, “Homework Club feels like my second home.  You guys are loving and careful of me and my friends.   I never want to leave.  You communicate with me.  You joke with us.  You treat us good.  You guys are special people.”

While we are glad to have a summer vacation, we are looking forward to starting Homework Club again in September.  We hope we can count on your support and that even more of you will choose to participate in this worthwhile outreach program next fall.

Thank you again for all your help making this program so successful.  It truly does take a village to raise a child!