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How to Give

How to Give to the Work of St. John

To begin, click here to go to the Online Donation page.  You will see a large donation box on the left and two small boxes on the right.  Fill out the donation information first.  You will notice three categories of giving: general operating, building and "other." Within the "other" category you will see a drop-down menu which allows you to give to specific activities, such as the Food Pantry.  There is also a "Special donations" category with a memo line which allows you to designate a special one-time giving opportunity.  You may donate to more than one category.  Be sure to fill out the frequency - one-time, weekly, etc. - and the start and stop date of your donations.

When you select “continue” you will be directed to a page to securely fill out your personal information and method of payment, such as credit/debit card, checking or savings account information.  Saving this information will automatically create your Profile page, which is the summary of your stored information, and you will be asked to create a Password so that you can make future changes to your account. When you are finished, you will be asked to check a box to confirm you are not a robot; when the box turns green you will know you are approved. If you need additional assistance, please call the church office, 618-397-6323.

Click here to donate online